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About Us

School Info & Policies


School Hours: Our hours are 7:50-2:35

Supervision of children on campus will begin at 7:20 am. Please do NOT drop off children before this time. Breakfast and lunch are FREE for ALL students.  Late students must sign in at the front office.

Parent Pick-Up: In the interest of student safety, only authorized adults should pick up students at the end of the day. Students will be escorted by school staff from the multipurpose room to their respective vehicles in line. Dismissal is at 2:35. There will be no early check-outs after (TBA) pm. Please have a picture ID available if you will be checking out a student.

Bus Information: Bus drivers are not allowed to drop off any Pre-K thru 3rd grade child if there is not an adult to meet them at the bus stop. These children will be brought back to school and you will have to come and pick them up. A parent note is required for bus changes.

Visitors/Volunteers on Campus: Please remember to sign in at the front office if you are on campus for any reason -- all visitors to campus must enter through the front office and will need to show valid ID. In an effort to maximize student safety and to protect the morning planning and preparation time of our teachers, we will be asking all parents and other visitors to refrain from entering the hallways before school as of August 13th. If you wish to volunteer in your child’s class during the school day, please fill out a volunteer application and make arrangements with your child’s teacher in advance.

PE Dress Code: On PE days, children need to wear tennis shoes and pants that fit at the waist.

Attendance: If your child is absent, please send in a note explaining the absence. ALL absences are unexcused until a note is received from the parent/guardian. Three tardies are equal to one absence. Outstanding attendance awards will be given to children who are absent no more than one time per grading period.